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What is Thumos USA?

We are a coaching and mentoring community, focused on helping men live full lives, wide-awake, with purpose, passion, production, and meaning. We provide a consistent dose of inspiration, motivation, and direction. We are about helping men become better, as husbands, dads, friends, brothers, and men overall. We were created to help men build more, do more, look better, feel better, and be better. We are about unlocking potential in oneself, helping others, and finding true connection with like-minded men on the journey of life. We are in the business of building better men, and we get results, as seen in our member testimonials. Our mission is Being Better Men, Optimizing Life.


Expect to be met where you are (perfect men do not exists and are not expected). Expect to get coaching and clarity per where you want to go in life. If you are willing to improve, you will absolutely find the tools, support, and talent to help live a full & rewarding life – we call this optimizing. We strive to become integrated men who are exceling and getting real world results. Expect a better mindset, improved health & fitness, business/career growth, a more rewarding personal life, enhanced relationships, more meaning and joy, and deeper faith/spiritual connection if you are open to it. Every member has his own talents, passions and purpose to both develop and to share – expect to discover and/or amplify these to improve life for others. Expect to gain vision and to have strong men/brothers helping you to achieve that vision. For those who are married or dating, expect to grow in your relationships.

How to get involved


Get away and reconnect, in nature, with like-minded men to learn, share, restore and gain clarity going forward.


Meet weekly with our Inner Circle, via Zoom, for coaching and mentoring in a group setting to stay connected, gain insight, and improve overall.


Work 1 on 1 with the Thumos Founder to reach your optimization goals, and full potential, faster.


Jody Licatino, M.S., CSP, founded Thumos USA LLC based on years of passion, purpose, and experience. He is a dedicated man, husband, dad, and child of God, who helps men become the best version of themselves.



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    Regarding the Weekend Experience, I can truly say that my husband left one way and came back a different man, in the BEST possible way… He came back with vision, clarity, and direction. I thank God for his weekend with Thumos, and it’s a gift to our family!

    – Heather Michelle

    Jody truly challenges me, and other men, to be better. He is generous with his time, knowledge and gifts. Jody has a solid understanding of health, wellness, and performance, but what’s even more impressive is his commitment to true integration of the mind, body, and spirit…

    – James Knapp

    As per the Thumos Men’s Weekend – No words can do it justice.  I went in not specifically searching for anything, and left with gratitude, love, spiritual growth, passion, perspective, connection, purpose, presence, inspiration, direction, and momentum…

    – Jason St. Cyr