Jody Licatino, M.S., CSP, is a dedicated man, husband, dad, and child of God. He’s clear on his passions, strengths, and gifts to serve the world. Jody is especially good at bringing men together (circles and groups), getting to what’s really going on with a man, and helping him get what he needs (discernment) to get better.

Jody has life experience (four decades), he’s married, and is a dad of 3 boys. He has a Master of Science from the University of Houston, holds a current Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation, was formerly a Certified Personal trainer (CPT), and he has over 20 years in corporate America holding numerous leadership positions.

Jody has developed, led, and hosted training, workshops, and weekends. He also happens to have 30 years experience working out, and is a subject matter expert in TRT, with real world results in hormones, fitness, recovery, and nutrition.

Jody’s greatest passion is around helping people (especially men) get the ‘aha’ to their root issue, helping them get better and get optimized – meaning that the person is the best version of himself. This includes both body and mind. Jody accelerates in helping men develop both a clear vision and purpose in life, and then helping them connect the dots to live that life “fully alive.”

How Can Jody Help You?

Jody works with both men and women directly, via one on one consulting and programs. He also offers a men’s corner which includes The Men’s Weekend Experience, and a private group called the Inner Circle. Jody helps you optimize body and mind. The goal for every man or woman is for that person to be the best version of themselves – to live life optimizing. For details and more information, view the ‘Get Involved’ section of our website, or contact us.