Thumos is a Greek word, for which there is no exact English translation; however, it’s often expressing the concept of ‘spiritedness’ and indicates a physical association with breath or blood. We define Thumos as a beautiful mixture of passion, strength, testosterone and courage. It is masculinity at its core. It’s raw. It’s real. True thumos is achieved via optimizing both mind and body. Examples of optimizing mind include (thought patterns, mindset, clarity around gifts, and purposeful actions). Examples of optimizing the body include (health, hormones, fitness, nutrition and recovery). When we can get both mind and body right, we can more easily access the soul/spirit. We can better ‘hear from God’. All of this is not a ‘one and done’; rather it’s an ongoing journey to remain healthy, purposeful, and centered.


Our coaching & mentoring community is proud to be living our mission of Being Better Men. Some men just want to get better in a few areas of life (e.g. focus, family, finances), but others want to be fully optimizing life (adding faith, fun, friendship & fitness). Both categories of men are welcome. Also, our community strives to be truly connected. We care about each other. Our belief is that men are less connected now, to true community, than ever before. We intend to change that. We are well aware of the increasing feminization of America today, and the need for good, strong, capable men. We are very good at balancing the strong and rugged man with love and light. We understand and appreciate both the masculine and the feminine. We are aware that the essence of Thumos can be used for good and bad. We recognize the undesirable qualities that we see in men and we work to make them better where we can, but we are even more focused on, and pour into, the good qualities. Our goal, as a coaching & mentoring community is to help each man identify where he is, get clarity on where he wants to go, and partner with him to get there. Men are not meant to go at it alone, and that’s where our community greatly excels. The end game is that we create a more powerful, purposed, centered man, who has a greater capacity to express more love and joy, all while handling the complexities of today’s world. There are 3 ways to get involved in the Thumos Community: The Inner Circle, The Weekend Experience, and Private Consulting & Coaching.