We are proud to team-up with people/companies that we trust, believe in, and that offer good value. Our partnership goes beyond referral to companies that we’ve heard about or studied; our members have used these products with success, so we are happy to refer you to them. Here they are:

Life Extension

For more than 40 years, Life Extension has been motivated by the belief that there’s a healthier life available to us all, if we seek it. This is what inspires them to keep pushing the limits of nutritional science. Made in America, this brand offers superb value as defined by quality and cost. Click here to order, and look for special discounts offered by Life Extension.

Discounted Labs

Buy labs online at a very reasonable price, with no doctor’s visit. Over 1,800 locations. Not yet able to service folks in Louisiana (this is in the works). Many other states (including Texas) are covered. It’s a simple 3-4 step process: 1) Order your tests online, 2) Visit a lab 3) Get your results 4) If needed, set up time with Jody (Thumos USA Founder & CEO) to discuss next steps (typically a 30 minute session). Use this link that is associated with Thumos USA (referral). Use this Coupon Code thumosvip at checkout for 10% off at

Defy Medical

The world’s leading hormone replacement clinic, also offering primary care, men’s health, women’s health, aesthetics, weight management, IV & injectable nutrition, thyroid therapy, and peptide therapy. Offering the convenience of telemedicine. Defy is a ‘one stop shop’ so they can handle labs and medications. For $100 off the initial consultation ($149 vs $249), click here, or call (813) 445-7342 and be sure to mention the Thumos referral discount. To use defy, it’s a simple 5-step process: 1) Email Mary at the link above, or place a call, 2) Get labs (the initial comprehensive lab work, 3) Get a quick physical, 4) Have an initial consultation with the Defy medical care provider, 5) Get you medications (if needed) mailed to you directly. Comprehensive lab work is $300 as of January 31, 2021, and it includes: Comprehensive metabolic panel, CBC, Lipid Panel, Testosterone free and total, Estradiol sensitive, DHEA-sulfate, TSH, PSA, LH, SHBG and IGF-1.If testosterone is needed, it’s currently going for $120 per 10 ml vial (at 150 mg/week, that would last about 13 weeks). Medication(s) sent directly to your house. Paperwork can be provided for those wanting to be reimbursed through their insurance for a small fee ($16).

Solomon Episcopal Conference Center

Need a beautiful getaway for your next weekend retreat, anniversary, or to soak in some quiet time? This is one of my favorite places. Located about an hour from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Get 10% off for using the Thumos referral. Click here to learn more.