Work directly with Jody via phone, Zoom or in person to fast track your journey to Being A Better Man & Optimizing Life!

  • 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1-hour sessions are available
  • Package rates are also available as follows: five (5) 1-hour sessions, ten (10) 1-hour sessions, and monthly/yearly sessions
  • Special rates for small group (4 maximum) consulting & coaching
  • Jody is also available as a guest speaker, group and/or weekend facilitator, and select special request events

Programs and Specialty Areas of Focus Include:

Life & Leadership – Self Mastery & Success

  • Gain huge clarity & insights to show up better both at work and at home
  • Find & fulfill your unique, personal purpose, mission and vision
  • Discover your passion and God given gift(s)
  • Improve your mindset and actions to get what you want
  • Unlock your potential, by removing barriers and gaining clarity
  • Show up with ‘Thumos’ – spirited, passion, and strength
  • Get measured, quantifiable results
  • Be better, as a husband, dad, friend, business owner, employee and leader
  • Get direct access to Jody, who has 49 years of life experience, over 25 years of corporate & leadership success, and life experience as a husband and dad of 3 boys, all while helping hundreds of men via weekends, groups, and one-on-one settings

Health & Hormones For Men

  • An understanding of the pros and cons of TRT and HRT
  • A simple step by step process for getting started, to include lab work
  • Follow-up support to stay healthy and optimize
  • Steer towards medical professionals that know how to do it right
  • Measured, quantifiable results
  • Direct access to Jody, who has 12 years of experience researching, helping others, and applying methodologies to determine what works best to optimize health.

Nutrition, Supplements, Workouts & Recovery 

  • Recommendations on quality brands to use
  • Answers to questions around workouts, weights cardio, routines, rest and recovery
  • Help developing a bullet proof immune system and regaining energy, outlook and vibrance Measured results
  • Direct access to Jody with his 30 plus years of experience and research, helping others and applying the same principles to himself.

Each program can be stand alone or one can chose all three to optimize mind and body!

Contact Jody for additional information or to get started.

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