The Weekend Experience

Being Better Men, Optimizing Life

Expect to:

  • Be reminded that you have what it takes… to be a man, husband, dad, friend, and a contributor to your community
  • Unlock the potential that’s already inside of you
  • Disconnect from current reality and re-discover nature, peace and God
  • Stand shoulder to shoulder and sit knee to knee with like-minded men, to help them get whatever it is they came for
  • Learn, share, and develop a plan, to maximize mind (passion, purpose, prospective, and path forward) and body (health, energy and performance) to unlock the spirit (faith) inside of you.
  • Integrate as a man to identity strengths and areas that need focus
  • ‘Wake-up’ for faith, family, community, and for oneself
  • Go back home with with a huge injection of passion and energy
  • Show up better for your wife, kids, and love ones
  • Be part of a brotherhood and mastermind group, where men are real
  • Be met where you are, but expect to not be left there
  • Have the option to stay connected, and further integrate what you learned, with like-minded men, via the Inner Circle private membership
  • Optimize your life!

Texas Weekend Experience Details

Venue: Trinity Pines Conference Center
Date: September 17-19, 2021
Location: 4341 FM 356 Trinity, Texas 75862. Just two hours North of Houston
Phone: 936-594-5011
Learn more about the location at

Louisiana Weekend Experience Details

Venue: Solomon Center
Date: To be announced
Location: 54296 Highway 445, Loranger, La. Just one hour NE of Baton Rouge
Phone: 985-748-6634
Learn more about the location at

For both Men’s Weekend Experience locations:

  • Participants complete a simple, one page questionnaire.
  • Tuition for the Weekend includes everything, other than travel to and from the venue. Lodging, food, drinks, materials, etc. are all included.
  • Outdoor time is high and physical exercise is very light (some walking).
  • Accommodations are rustic, nice, and adequate – rooms, cold ACs, showers, indoor rooms to meet in as needed
  • Payment options include: check, Venmo, and major credit cards
  • Expect to be blown away by the experience!

What People are Saying

“Per the Weekend Experience – No words can do it justice… What I left with was gratitude, love, spiritual growth, passion, perspective, connection, purpose, presence, inspiration, direction, and momentum…. In short, the weekend journey began with strangers and ended with what are sure to be life-long connections with men I have come to love and admire… Thumos is an experience that ultimately showed me the things I was missing in life, and then showed me that these things were right in front of me all along… Thumos!”

– Jason StCyr

“Here is one wife’s testimony! I can truly say that my husband left one way and came back a different man, in the BEST possible way. His willingness to be open to change and to allow himself to be vulnerable opened the door for God to speak and shift him. The men that surrounded him provided that safe space to do the ‘work’. He came back with vision, clarity, and direction. He encountered God in ways he never has before as the guys took time to meditate and commune in nature. No distractions, no work calls. Just peace. I love my husband, love him more every day, and seeing him growing in who he was designed to be on this planet is sexy ;). When he came home, the atmosphere in our home shifted. I thank God for his weekend with Thumos. It’s a gift to our family!”

– Heather Michelle

See the Testimonials page for many more!